Assessment 3: Project work development – ‘Cuboid’

During the weeks leading up to the presentation of the final projects, i decided on my idea to include both a simple and complex design. My work will consist of 3D cubes in the form of a 21×21 grid (441 in total) forming and deforming as it spins on its axis. It is simple that the shape just consists of cubes and various colours, although it is complex in the way that each cube had to be individually animated to move the required distance forward (the spinning however is just an animation of all the objects grouped together). The process of each animation was tough at the beginning, but since it was mostly the same actions over and over again, I developed a rhythm and repetitive process promotes the notion of iteration further.

I took inspiration for my work from Swiss artist Zimoun.

162 prepared dc-motors, felt balls, cardboard boxes 23x23x6cm Zimoun 2014

Zimoun’s work focuses on the use of recyclable or disposable materials (such as cardboard, plastic bags, paper, etc.) and creates large scale repetitive works with a dynamic effect whether it be movement or sound. Most of his works is composed of boxes with motors and a moving object within the box. Like Zimoun’s works, my artwork appropriately named ‘Cuboid’ includes a symmetrical visual element which gives a sense of calmness due to the fact that everything is ‘in order’ or ‘without clutter’ making it more visually pleasing.

Main criteria for judging my own work:

  • It follows the notion of repetition/iteration on a large scale.
  • The pattern and movement in the animation gives a flowing aesthetic value to the piece.
  • The objects portrayed are simple and familiar allowing an ease of understanding.
  • Symmetrical shape removes ‘cluttered feelings’ towards artwork increasing the aesthetic.
  • Various colours evoke various emotions depending on the viewer, changing the feeling towards the piece from person to person.

Artist’s Statement:

“More or less cubic in shape.” Taking influence from Spanish artist Pablo Picasso and Swiss artist Zimoun, this artwork focuses on simplicity and calmness, using familiar shapes and vibrant colours to create an aesthetic feeling. It includes 441 cubes in the form of a 21×21 grid, each individually animated in sync with all surrounding objects. Each colour texture can connect with the viewer’s personal feeling towards the piece allowing different interpretations to be made. The background reduces the feeling of constriction and uses the open space around the initial artwork to promote a more free-flowing feeling.

'Cuboid' by Robert Jankowski (2015)
‘Cuboid’ by Robert Jankowski (2015)