CAGD290 Major Design Project – Week 12 Update

The aim for this week was to recruit a number of people to navigate around my prototype website and follow some tasks I give them. After they have looked around a bit I will get them to give a review by answering simple questions which will help me find out the things in the website that worked well, and the problems in the website that need to be resolved (both of these are in terms of ease of navigation and simplicity of locating certain features).

It’s almost guaranteed that there will be some problems, but the advantage of having a third party to look at it is that it eliminates any bias. I would think my prototype is perfect (after looking over it myself before handing it out), but others are the one who will using it so it’s more realistic for them to find out problems.

The issue I was trying to improve on the original website was the idea of simplifying navigation and compressing the layout as it had an influx of information for the viewer which seemed like it didn’t have a hierarchy. Simply, it was like trying to ‘declutter’ the website as a whole and order them so it is easier for the user to navigate and find what they want.

The results of the test will be briefly outlined in the final report.


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