MEDA301 – Media Arts Project week 11

This week was the final decision on what we will present. We had a change of content which made it simpler, but still clearly shows what our idea was.

Every week we had some clashes of ideas, such as, who’s idea we will go with, how we will set out to present out idea, what form of medium, etc. But in the end we tried to agree as a group, taking each of our ideas and trying to implement it altogether into the one final idea. Although there were some moments where we had to be a bit blunt on what would not work, in a collaborative process, it is better not to cram too much in if it does not help the final product overall, even if that means one of our ideas is not included.

We had a bit of a discussion about the way we will present our final work, with the main focus on whether we will have sound or not. but we came to the conclusion that it will be better if we did include sound, just to add to the dynamics a bit.

This quick clip shows our method of recording our content. Using the green wall as a green-screen to chroma-key the background. Using a recording of a beat to sync up a tapping noise with the hand movement:

in the making

We did this for multiple takes, each with a different beat that will ultimately be synced up all together to give this rhythm.


We were unable to test our video projection this week as the rendering for the video was taking a long time, but we were able to set up a test for where the projectors will face and how it will look as an image. The result seemed positive.


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