MEDA301 – Media Arts Project week 12

As a review on our progression for our final work, our main idea behind pursuing a projection artwork was to really aim for the aesthetic feeling of interaction and media. The elements in our work can easily start from the ground up like we did, starting from a simple re-creation of colours, then an painting, then an animation, then a real life aspect of image with a narrative, then finally, working into video format.

As well as the content, the method of presenting also could be changed, initially starting from just a flat out single projection, into working with multiple projectors and using blocking to express our ideas, to even including the smallest of sound elements to just give that extra meaning behind it.

Working with illusion is always a hit with viewers, it appeals to our sense of wonder and amazement, regardless if we know or do not know how it is done. We were able to present our ideas of multiple projectors and blocking of elements, it was just the small technical hardware issues that made it a bit hard for us to fully show what we intended.

Along with the illusion, we wanted to bring in a narrative that could connect with the theme of blocking and appearing/disappearing. We decided to include a variety of symbols to act as the basis of our work. Using hands as a symbol of being able to recognise a person (2nd to a person’s face); the black background acts as a simple and even playground for all the hands; the different forms of tapping representing the diversity of people, each with a different beat and rhythm, but ultimately all playing as one; and the large hand in the middle in the shape of a fist acting as the heart of the entire group constantly beating with everyone around it. The purpose of the blocking of different hands is to show that people come and go, whether it be someone known for a long time, or someone new entering.

But as a whole, this work represents a community.

This was a quick overview of what will be presented:

final product


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