MEDA301 – Media Arts Project week 8

This week we started brainstorming on ideas to find our own project to create. We decided to continue with the theme of projections, using that as our main form of communication. Our content idea was still in the works, but we wanted to focus again on aesthetics. With this in mind, our first initial idea was to produce something in terms of illusion and manipulation.

Will had picked out an image we could modify into parts and use that as our base artwork to work with.

This was a simple painting taken from Google Images. We then used Photoshop to separate a certain element of the image and started to set up a quick projection test to see if our idea will work out technically:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We were satisfied with the result and feedback from the class agreed on our proposition that it was nice to look at, with some ‘unusual’ elements (in a good way), which made the work entertaining.

From here we need to work on what more we could add to these kind of projections, and maybe start developing a certain narrative about it.


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